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Observation Module
Collect, analyze, manage and report event-based observations and share with stakeholders.
Observation Module
Mobile App allows for citizens to post episode observations.
Observation Module
Communication tools for direct feedback and interaction with the community.
Points of Interest Module
Plot key points such as residential areas, facilities, or key receptors.
Meteo Data Module
Integrate data feeds from local meteorological stations, on-line weather services, or other independent data pools.
Meteo Data Module
Summarize weather data and cross-check and validate with data.
Field Inspection Interface Module
Fully compliant with EN16841-1 for field inspection projects. Document odor episodes and monitoring locations.
Field Inspection Interface Module
Data views and unique timeline help users view and understand connection with multiple data-sets.
Sensor Module
Uplink sensor data directly into Ortelium. Multiple data formats supported.
Sensor Module
Example noise monitor locations.
Sensor Module
Uplink sensor data directly into Ortelium. Multiple data formats supported.
Dynamic Dispersion Modeling Module
Calculate and dynamically visualize emission dispersion on a digital map. Understand impacts and validate past events.
Dynamic Dispersion Modeling Module
Understand past and current episodes to assist in predicting and avoiding future impacts.
Process Optimization Module
Receive a warning when a defined area is expected to be affected by emissions. The system can also provide recommendations for actions.


Unlock the power of your environmental data with the ease and flexibility of this cloud-based software.

Ortelium, developed by our partner company Olfasense, is a dynamic atlas that collects, visualizes and analyses data from IoT and human sources. It provides intelligence on the impact of past, current and future events, for smarter decision-making right now.

Using Ortelium’s range of analytical tools, you can identify trends and patterns in your data. And, because the software is cloud-based, it doesn’t require an existing infrastructure to get started. Multiple users can access, edit and share data efficiently and securely – and in real time.

With a series of highly specialised but ready-to-use modules, Ortelium’s true power lies in its adaptability. Simply select the combination of functionality you need, or ask us to develop a customised atlas to meet your unique operational goals.

Ortelium is about more than just odors.  Migrate all environmental data with one application.

Discover the range of modules and read about existing client solutions at the product web site.


Observation Module

  • Communication and odor complaints management tool
  • Promotes engagement between operators, regulators and citizens
  • Odor complaint validation and prediction of future impact risk
  • Operator of platform retains full access control
  • Integrates site-based data with community observations
  • Historic analysis and visualisation of odor events
  • Can be modified according to client’s requirements

Dynamic Dispersion Modeling Module

  • Real-time display of odour emissions
  • Displays effects of adjustments in the operations process
  • Immediate response to changes in current meteorological data and weather forecasts
  • Reliable data for odour complaint validation
  • Always up-to-date
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time

Field Inspection Interface Module

The OFIM is fully compliant with EN 16841-1.

  • Online planning of inspection points, routes and grids
  • Management of odors and odor sources
  • Creation of pre-defined and customised inspection schedules
  • Assessor management and time-scheduling featuring appointment confirmation and reminder e-mails
  • Digital data collection via user-friendly smartphone app
  • GPS logging for exact assessor positioning
  • Exact time recording
  • Instant availability of results
  • Automated calculation
  • Detailed data views
  • Customer access to validated results for easy reporting
  • Excel export function
  • Optional data feed into Ortelium