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For the safety of our clients and staff, we have outlined our “Best Practice Recommendations” for the use and care of the Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer, Odor Sensitivity Test Kit and odor sampling equipment.


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Emission Isolation Flux Chamber

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    US-EPA Flux Hood
    Our Emission Isolation Flux Chamber follows US-EPA recommended design parameters.
    Surface Emission Sampling
    Follow your project protocol with our sensible, convenient surface sampler.
    Quick-Disconnect Fittings
    The AC'SCENT Flux Chamber has stainless steel construction and convenient quick-disconnect fittings.
    Durable and Robust
    The AC'SCENT Emission Isolation Flux Chamber isolates the surface from wind, rain and splashing.
    Solid or Liquid Surfaces
    Collect surface emission samples using the AC'SCENT Flux Chamber.

    AC’SCENT Flux Chamber is a surface emission isolation hood designed for solid or liquid surface sample collection. Our Flux Hood follows US-EPA recommended design parameters for isolated surface emission collection.

    Set the AC’SCENT Flux Chamber directly on a solid surface or on a liquid surface with the included float.  Use a clean odor-free sweep gas, either zero-air, high purity nitrogen or nitrogen with a helium tracer component. You follow your project protocol for sweep gas and sampling rates.


    • Sensible, convenient, easy to use US-EPA recommended design.
    • Stainless Steel (SS) construction with quick-disconnect fittings.
    • Includes Stainless Steel support chain, 50-foot rope,
         and float ring.
    • Isolates the surface from the effects of wind, precipitation,
         and solar radiation.

    Overall Hood Diameter:  0.14 m (16″)

    Surface Area under Hood:  0.13 m2

    Four Ports:  1) sweep gas/air;
                        2) sample line;
                        3) excess gas/air vent; and
                        4) optional thermocouple probe.

    Included Rope:  50′  –  3/8″ Nylon Braided Rope

    Included Flotation:  Standard 16″ Tube

    Sweep gas supply and regulator NOT included.

    Q: Does the AC’SCENT Flux Hood comply with EPA sampling methods?
    Yes, see EPA document PB86-223161, “Measurement of Gaseous Emission Rates from Land Surfaces Using an Emission Isolation Flux Chamber.”

    Q: When I use the Flux Hood what flux gas/air do I use?
    The protocol for your project may dictate zero-air or high-purity nitrogen (HPN) with or without a helium (He) component.

    Q: What is a typical sweep gas (air) rate?
    25-liters per minute per square meter is a typical sweep gas rate, which is 3.5-LPM for the 0.13-m2 under the AC’SCENT Flux Hood.

    Q: What is the typical sample collection rate?
    The Sample collection rate depends on your project protocol; a typical sample collection rate is 1 to 2 LPM.

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