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For the safety of our clients and staff, we have outlined our “Best Practice Recommendations” for the use and care of the Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer, Odor Sensitivity Test Kit and odor sampling equipment.


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Vacuum Chamber

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Easy Sample Collection
St. Croix Sensory's Vacuum Chamber allows for sample collection without pump contact. Large viewing window to the sample fill.
Sample Bag Inside
Convenient and self-contained, the vacuum chamber case holds one or two sample bags.
Portable Vacuum Case
Control the sample collection from outside the sample case with the labeled ports.
Convenient Integral Pump
The built-in pump is powered by four standard D-Cell batteries.

VAC’SCENT Vacuum Chamber is a portable easy to use air sampler with integral pump that creates a negative pressure inside the chamber.  Place your air sample bag(s) inside the chamber and fill without the need for a separate pump.  You will want this convenient case in the field for easy sample collection.  Carry your sample tubing and other tools in the case from sample point to sample point.

  • VAC’SCENT holds one or two 10-liter samples bags,
       or one 20-liter bag
  • Sensible user-friendly air-sampler
  • Integral pump powered by 4 D-size batteries
  • Direct filling of sample bags using negative pressure
       (no pump contamination)

Dimensions:  23.25″ x 20.75″ x 7.75″ (60 x 53 x 20 cm)

Viewing Window:  5.5″ x 9″ (14 x 23 cm)

Weight:  25-lbs (11.5-kg)

Materials:  Heavy duty air-tight case

Power:  Four Standard D-Cell Batteries (6-VDC)

Filling Rate:  2-liters per minute

Accommodates up to one 20-liter bag size or two 10-liter bags


Q: Does the VAC’SCENT comply with EPA sampling methods?
Yes, EPA Method 18 – Measurement of Gaseous Organic Compound Emissions by Gas Chromatography and Method 0040 – Sampling of Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents from Combustion Sources Using Tedlar Bags.

Q: When I sample, how do I minimize contamination between samples?
Change or purge the Teflon sampling tubing after each sample collection.

Q: Do I need a pump with the VAC’SCENT?
No, the VAC’SCENT has a pump inside. However, if you need to collect a sample over a long period of time (10-minutes to 60-minutes) we recommend you use a variable speed personal sampling pump externally to create the vacuum inside the VAC’SCENT.

Q: What sample tubing should I use?
Teflon tubing should be used for collecting odor samples. St. Croix Sensory can provide you 1/4″ Teflon tubing.

Q: What are the ports on the chamber?
There are four ports on the front of the chamber.  Ports A & B (front left) are the integral pump outlet and inlet.  Port C is a valved port for depressurizing the case. Port D is the sample inlet port.  Connecting Port B to Port C will evacuate the air in the case.  The sample will then flow into Port D, and then the sample bag, to balance the pressure.

Q: What size sample bags will fit in the VAC’SCENT?
The VAC’SCENT can be used to fill two 10-L sample bags at one time.  This allows for collection of true duplicates.  A 25-L bag can be used if the dimensions of the bag are appropriate.  Please contact us if you have specific needs. The VAC’SCENT can be built with cases of varying sizes.


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