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St. Croix Sensory remains open and committed to the success of your project needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the safety of our clients and staff, we have outlined our “Best Practice Recommendations” for the use and care of the Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer, Odor Sensitivity Test Kit and odor sampling equipment.


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Sensory Testing Services
Environmental Odor

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Environmental Odor Sources
St. Croix Sensory evaluates odorous air samples from a variety of industrial, agricultural, and municipal operations, including wastewater treatment, landfills, composting, cannabis grow operations and manufacturing.
Compliance & Performance
St. Croix Sensory's odor laboratory supports your compliance and performance needs.
St. Croix Sensory provides odor laboratory testing services to all environmental operations.
Quality Services
Our laboratory team is dedicated to your project success.
Multiple Olfactometers
St. Croix Sensory has capacity for your projects, large and small.
EN13725 and ASTM E679
Our odor laboratory evaluations comply with CEN and ASTM International standard methods and practices.
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited
St. Croix Sensory is dedicated to quality and confidentiality.
Worldwide Odors
St. Croix Sensory evaluates odors from ALL sources.
Molecular Odor Analysis
Our odor laboratory partners with specialized chemistry laboratories.

Environmental Odor Testing

St. Croix Sensory provides services for the evaluation of environmental odors complying with internationally accepted standard methods and practices such as:

– ASTM International E679, “Standard Practice for the Determination of Odor and Taste Thresholds
                                              by a Forced-Choice Ascending Concentration Series Method of Limits.

– EN 13725, “Air Quality – Determination of Odour Thresholds by Dynamic Dilution Olfactometry”

– ASTM International E544, “Standard Practice for Referencing Suprathreshold Odor Intensity”

St. Croix Sensory has multiple olfactometers in operation with a pool of over 50 trained assessors. No project is too big or too small. We provide the same customer focused service to every client on every project.

Please contact our staff to learn more about our odor testing services and how we can provide valuable assistance in completing your odor related projects.

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