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St. Croix Sensory remains open and committed to the success of your project needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the safety of our clients and staff, we have outlined our “Best Practice Recommendations” for the use and care of the Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer, Odor Sensitivity Test Kit and odor sampling equipment.


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Sensory Testing Services
Products & Materials

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Product & Material Odors
St. Croix Sensory follows internationally accepted standards for odor testing of products and materials. We work with you to provide results you need.
Malodor Reduction Efficacy
Standard malodors are used to test efficacy of air care products at removing unwanted odors.
Chamber Testing
St. Croix Sensory has 12 identical stainless steel chambers for odor testing methods. The chambers can be operated static or with air exchange.
Material Evaluation
Sensory testing of materials allow for measurement of odor perception. Compare formulations, manufacturing parameters, process conditions, etc.
Trained & Experienced Assessors
Our assessors have years or experience evaluating different materials. Many assessors have been evaluating odors for more than ten years!
Material Testing
St. Croix Sensory evaluates odors in various materials including plastics, fine chemicals, and textiles.
Precision Olfactory Evaluations
Headspace samples can be compared utilizing olfactometry testing.
Standard Procedures
Standard procedures and method of sensory evaluation are used throughout the testing process.
Controlled Environmental Tests
As part of product & material testing, St. Croix Sensory uses a variety of surrogate and real malodors, including bathroom, kitchen cooking, garbage, cat urine, and cigarette smoke.
Dependable Results
Our trained assessors evaluate product & material odors based on standard practices.
Full Spectrum of Consumer Products
St. Croix Sensory evaluates all types of products and materials. We work with our clients to determine their specific needs.
All Types of Products & Materials
Yes, we test ALL odors. Our sensory testing embraces common and unique products & materials.

Products & Material Sensory Testing

St. Croix Sensory has extensive experience in conducting product and material sensory testing.  We have worked closely with companies in such industries as:

  • air care (air cleaners, air fresheners, … )
  • personal care (deodorant, cosmetics, … )
  • home care (surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, … )
  • pet care (cat litter, animal bedding, … )
  • building materials (finishes, ceiling tile, insulation, … )
  • coatings (paints, primers, … )
  • fine chemical (chemical raw materials, finished products, … )
  • medical (disinfectants, medical equipment, … )

Product and material evaluations can be performed for a variety of reasons.  A few example applications include:

  • Product/Material Development
  • Product/Material Improvement
  • Product/Material Verification
  • Product/Material Performance Testing
  • Product/Material Comparisons
  • Product/Material Claim Substantiation
  • Product/Material Acceptability
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Consumer Market Research

St. Croix Sensory provides sensory evaluation services for your project needs.  We discuss with you your research questions and project objectives and develop a testing protocol to achieve those goals.  Each project is completed following applicable ASTM International, CEN and ISO Standards.  A sampling of specific standards that can be utilized include:

  • ASTM E1958 “Standard Guide for Claim Substantiation”
  • ASTM E1593 “Standard Practice for Assessing the Efficacy of Air Care Products in Reducing Perceived Indoor Air Malodor Intensity”
  • ASTM E1292 “Odor in Water”
  • ASTM E619 “Standard Practice for Evaluating Foreign Odors in Paper Packaging”
  • ASTM E1207 “Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Axillary Deodorancy”
  • ASTM E1870 “Standard Test Method for Odor and Taste Transfer from Polymeric Packaging Film”

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